ZOOM Instructions

For Laptop, Desktop Computer, or Smartphone you can join by clicking ZOOM in the page menu or clicking the link below:


If you are prompted to enter a “Meeting ID” and “Passcode”, please enter the following:

Meeting ID: 899 3145 5540
Passcode: 316

The first time you join, you will need to install ZOOM software on your computer, or install the ZOOM app on your smart phone.  You will then need to enable your video and audio to join the online service.

For laptop and desktop users, you can press and hold the spacebar on your keyboard to unmute your microphone to speak.  When you release the spacebar, the microphone will mute again.


For Landline Telephone or Non-Smartphone Cellphone you can join from any telephone to hear audio from the service using the phone number below:

Dial in number:  1(312)626-6799

You will be asked to enter the meeting ID followed by #

Meeting ID: 899 3145 5540 #

You will also be asked for your Participant ID.  We will not be using participant ID, you just need to push the # key again

Participant ID: #

Press  *6 to unmute your phone if you would like to speak, press *6 again to mute your microphone.


The plan is to keep the Link and Meeting ID listed above the same for future services.  We will let you know of any future changes.  Hope to see you there!